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Welcome to the Story of my Life!

Life, family and travel in South Africa through the eyes of an amateur photographer and lover of natural beauty


The Rescue – Marx Dormoy, Paris, France

Day one of my solo adventure in Paris, last week-end:

Train delayed,

Pouring rain, excitement

Exhaustion, fear, anxiety

Dark, dimly lit streets


Directions incomplete

Dodgy driver/ Paris Metro

Confusion, fear, dread

Lost, alone and English

Despair and disappointment

On a dark and rainy night, in a strange place, lost and alone…on the streets of “Marx Dormoy”, Paris

A kind stranger, Amit

A glimmer of hope

Kindness and compassion

Shelter, Food, Relief

Hot showers

Generosity, kindness, gratitude

Hash, alcohol, feeling relaxed and protected

Letting go, laughing uncontrollably

Feeling sexy and desirable, “enchante”

Beautiful words, caring and attentive

French lessons

My hero, mind, body and soul…

Thank you for restoring my Faith in the human spirit and capacity for unconditional love

-Copyright- New Attitude – 2nd April 2017


2016 Reflections

Too little writing and pondering

Too much to do

Too many responsibilities

Too little time for loved ones

Too many battles fought, with too little victories

Too much fear

Too much concern for things out of my control

Too little sleep

Too little fun and enjoyment of the things I love to do…

2017 is going to be a year to get back to basics

Simplify, choose my battles

Live for today

Learn from yesterday

Hope for tomorrow

….Until next time….may the force be with you




Clinging to hope in a world gone mad

Keeping your eye on the prize

Striving for a better life for all

Ignore the politics, mayhem, chaos, distraction

Do not be distracted by the politics

Keep focused on the things that really matter

Over-population, lack of space

Food and water shortages

Where will your children live?

How will they survive?

How long will the food last?

These are the important issues

Take hold and own the future

We cannot eat or drink money